I’ll be the first one to admit, I’m not much of a programmer. Programming video games has always seemed really hard to me. I’ve put up and put down projects an infinite amount of times, but now I want to take a lazy weekend and start the foundation of a game that I can make progress in.

The Premise

A long time ago, a webcomic author that I follow on twitter made a post about a hacker wandering around the post apocalyptic ruins of the NSA looking for a computer with a wallet full of bitcoins. Ever since then, I’ve been playing around with the idea in my head, convinced it’s an excellent setting for something. While the actual idea ended up in a PbtA campaign I am working on, I’ve taken the “post apocalpyptic raid on a previously important government building” concept, and repurposed it for the sake of this game. There’s also probably a little bit of inspiration from John Darnielle’s Wolf In White Van (specifically the concept of Trace Italian)

The Development

I am using ROT.js and initially following the tutorial from CodingCookies. I’m hoping they get me most of the way. I’m not used to writing in JavaScript, the bulk of my development in my day job is SQL and Python, so this should be an interesting experience.